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Expert Piling Work

Is your house subsiding because of sinking or moving foundations? Then consider piling work by the experts at Alternative Piling Solutions.

Buildings that have subsidence issues are generally built on poor ground, this can make traditional underpinning too dangerous to achieve the required depth to secure the building.

Piling remedies this with its screw pile underpinning system as it produces no vibration and can achieve considerable loads. Piles are driven down into the ground, monitoring the ground resistance until the correct torque is achieved. In severe cases this system has been further developed to return buildings to their original line and level with the use of underpin brackets.

Common Reasons

There are many reasons for buildings requiring underpinning, the most common one being subsidence, when subsoil draws away from the foundations leaving a cavity that the building slowly sinks into. Subsidence can occur because of leaky drains, the insurgence of tree roots, or a change in the water table.

Sometimes, especially in older houses, foundations can fail because they were too shallow to begin with, or have deteriorated over time.

Signs of trouble are substantial and growing cracks in the walls, particularly on the exterior and gaps around door or window frames. Doors will stick, floors become uneven and water will pool around the building when it rains. Eventually the entire building will develop a noticeable lean.

If you’re unlucky enough to end up with a crooked house, call in the experts as soon as you spot the first tell-tale signs.



Underpinning Specialists

The foundations will have to be underpinned to save the building, and that is a job that can only be successfully accomplished by underpinning specialists rather than a general builder.

The traditional method of underpinning foundations to repair them and increase their depth is an extremely invasive and lengthy process involving excavating sections of the faulty foundations and pouring in concrete. This is particularly difficult in situations where access is awkward or space is limited.

Fortunately, Alternative Piling Solutions is able to offer a simpler, quicker and more cost-effective option by using hand-held screw piling and bracket techniques to underpin and jack up a property, with minimal disruption, fuss and bother.

The quality of the soil surrounding a subsiding structure is by nature ideal for the driving in helical screw piles, which can be inserted as deep as required. These long, strong screws are installed with a portable, powerful hand-held hydraulic device that doesn’t take up much room, is not noisy, and can be used indoors or out.

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Once upon a time subsidence or foundation faults were the death knell for a building, or at the very least held the prospect of a huge construction project to put it right at great cost and inconvenience for the occupants.

Never fear though – if your house or commercial building in southern England, the Midlands or in and around London needs underpinning you can call in Alternative Piling Solutions.

We’ll survey what needs to be done, give you a quotation and detailed specification of the work required, and get on with the job quickly and quietly. Alternative Piling Solutions will have your property on a fine footing in no time.

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