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The Process

Our hand-held system is run by a power pack which drives the hand-held torque head. The torque head is used to drive the piles into the ground. A gage constantly measures and monitors the resistance and the readings from each pile that is installed is logged and forms the guarantee for each pile.

Our installation team will use the readings from the torque gage to reach the maximum torque, therefore reaching the required depth. Three sizes of piles can be used from 60mm-89mm carrying 6 – 24 tonnes per pile.

Once the piles have achieved the correct depth various adaption plates can be fitted to the top depending on your site requirements and type of build.



The Advantages

The advantages are many: installation is rapid; there is no waiting for concrete to set because the pilings are ready to build on immediately; no excavation is required; pilings can be removed as easily as they are installed; screw piles can be installed in small spaces with limited access; there’s little noise or ground disturbance; and appropriate screw pilings can be driven into all sorts of soils and terrains.

One of the best benefits of using screw piles as opposed to conventional concrete footings especially in established gardens is that they are extremely shrub and tree-friendly. Where digging trenches and pouring in concrete for a foundation may well be detrimental to tree roots and the soil surrounding them, screw pilings have a slender shaft that causes next to no damage.

The sky’s the limit (literally, because large screw pilings have been used in the construction of sky-scrapers) when it comes to the many applications for hand held screw pile foundations. Alternative Piling Solutions is able to supply and install screw pilings of various specifications, with different torque capacities, to provide a strong anchor to bear the load of any sort or size of building.

Optimal Results

The piles, like large screws, are driven down into the ground, the ground resistance being constantly monitored to ensure maximum torque – and therefore optimal firmness and solidity.

We have carried our screw piling equipment easily through a tiny terraced house to drive in foundations for a rear extension; we’ve used the system to provide a base for retaining walls along the bank of a railway line; to securely root a huge warehouse; provide the footings for a new housing development; anchor and support a wooden deck.

These are just some examples of the projects that lend themselves ideally to alternative piling solutions.



Ring Beam Foundation

New builds and extensions are more suited to a Ring beam foundation. In this instance before the piles are installed a trench will be dug to an approximate depth of 500mm. The piles are then driven to the correct depth and REBAR PLATES are fitted on the top of each pile. A reinforcing cage is then fitted in the trench over the piles and concrete is poured to form the RING BEAM foundation.

For garden rooms and pre-fabricated buildings, piles will be driven down to the correct depth leaving each pile at the required height, slightly above ground level. Flat head plates are then attached to each pile to carry the RSJ steel or timber joists which will then form the floor.

For buildings such as Conservatories & Orangeries a small ring beam is sufficient to carry the structural weight.


Screw Piles

Screw piles are also the “kingpins” of another of our areas of expertise: Concrete Ring Beam foundations.

The area on where this work was carried out required a specific type of base due to the protected tree area, we need to be mindful of this hence why this type of base was chosen. Helical Screw piles are completely root friendly.

We Are Specialists

Our team of construction engineers are specialists in the field of screw piling and will be happy to discuss the best foundation solutions for any project you have in mind, be it commercial or residential, anywhere across the south of England, the Midlands and in or around London. Timber building structures sit on adjustable termination plates, which allow the building to sit level on the screw piles.


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