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Screw Pile solutions are an alternative to traditional piling solutions, ideal for building foundations, for temporary structures, underpinning and especially for ecologically sensitive sites.

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Alternative Piling Solutions are qualified experts at installing Helical Screw Piling and Concrete Ring Beam Foundations.

Their services are in demand across the south of England and they also undertake projects in the Midlands, as well as in and around London.

The top team of construction engineers at Alternative Piling Solutions is backed by a superb administrative team, which means the company more than lives up to its commitment to superb customer service.

The team take on a variety of projects, from home extensions to new residential builds and large commercial buildings, and all the work done is compliant with building regulations. The galvanised piling systems used are all guaranteed and environmentally friendly.

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Leaders in the Field

As knowledgeable specialists in alternative foundation solutions, the company have developed a reputation as leaders in the field because of their professional, business-like approach in dealings with clients, whether they be property developers or private home owners. The Alternative Piling Solutions engineers are dedicated to being reliable, punctual and trustworthy.

The company is in demand because it can accomplish what few others can, which is underpinning or installing strong foundations in hard to access areas, awkward situations and on difficult terrain. Pricing is also extremely competitive. Much of their work comes via word-of-mouth recommendation.

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If you need to know more about screw piling or ring beam foundations, give Alternative Piling Solutions a call to arrange a meeting on site at your convenience so the experts can talk you through the process.

An Alternative Piling Solutions engineer will conduct a soil probe test and produce a bespoke foundation solution for your project, along with an accurate free quotation.

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